where did this come from?

okaayyy sooo, i was looking through my "important" emails, and i came across this;
(i know there are alot of spelling mistakes and what not, but i'm bored so imm post it =)


it was 8:00am on a friday morning. It was snowing and fairly cold. I poured myself a hot chocolate then sat at the round table.
"they say it's going to be -15(degrees) today" Lynn said, reaching over the table to get the sugar "i suggest you bundle up"
I just looked out the window, preoccupied by the snowflakes blowing heavily across the murky sky.
Last year, around this time i would go tobboganing with my little brother Ian. He liked that. But now, he wasn't here, nobody was..
i turned toward Lynn
"your bus is here"
i excused myself from the table, picked up my knapsack, and walked out the door.
It was friday and i was thankful, not only because after school it would be the weekend, but after school we would be leaving Woodlock forever.
Yes, like many teenagers i would be sad leaving, but not because my friends. I never has many if you ask me. Everyone just seemed, so, cookie cutter, and i didn't fit into their mold. I was sad because this was the home i had known my whole life. The only one i'd ever lived in. but it all changed after my family died.
The doors of the bused opened, and the bus driver welcomed me in with the nod of his head. I didn't smile, i just turned toward the first empty seat i saw and sat down. There weren't many houses where i lived, so the bus didn't pick up alot of people. There were maybe a dozen of us and we scattered ourselves amoung the 24 seats. No one talked the entire ride.
When we got to school the halls were buzzing. Everyone was meeting up with their friends. Exchanging hugs, notes, homework. Smiling and laughing. I just passed by, up to the 3rd floor to my locker.
my locker opened with a screech and i shoved my bag in, avoiding my locker buddies Gucci purse and textbooks. I never understood why we shared lockers when they had more than enough for every student.
I closed my locker only to see Jack standing behind me.
"hey jay jay" he said pushing his fingers through his hair
"hi" i said,  starting to walk to the bathroom, head down
"why so gloomy?"
I looked up, kids were swarming the hall now, but paying no attention to me
"i'm fine" i said, making a beeline towards the bathroom door
Jack glared at me. It felt as though his eyes were burning a hole through mine
"leave me alone" i said. I waved my hands were Jack stood and he vanished.
I walked into the bathroom and trned on the water, it was ice cold, perfect. I let my hands scoop the water then letting in descened down my face, and spill back into the sink.
he girls beside me giggled, but i payed no attention. Instead i leaned in towards the mirror. studying myself.
I didn't wear makeup, even though Lynn always told me i should. I was a teenager, teens break-out. I couldn't control it. My hair was pushed back into a braid that cascaded down my left shoulder. Everyone thought i died my hair because it was so blonde and never faded, but i didn't. I took the elastic off the end of my braid and unraveled it. i stroked my hair, still looking in the mirror. People always made fun of me because of my eyes, i think that maybe it scared them. But instead of turning away and admiting fear, they found it better to laugh. My eyes were extremely dark. Maybe even black, i could never tell. People would say when they looked into my eyes it felt like they were looking at the devil. I had tried for contacts, but they only made them darker. I pulled out my sunglasses from my pocket and slid them ontop of my nose. I always wore them, and even though we weren\t allowed to wear them in school, the teachers said nothing. My eyes must scare them too.
I was walking toward the bathroom door when i heard a voice
"val vien martinsaw ala comba archinso"
I turned my head, thinking someone was in the bathroom. but there was no one the stalls were empty
"hello?" i said, once more making my way to the door
"halenvitan" all the stall doors started banging, opening in and out, in and out
I ran to the bathroom door, but it was locked.
"help!" i screamed, banging on the door "please someone help me"
"tinerese" The lights turned off.
I shut my eyes, so tight that it hurt, and i slumped down into a ball, wrapping my arms around my legs. tears started forming in my eyes but i didn't stop screaming.
The stall doors stopped moving. But i didn't open my eyes
I held my legs even tighter, digging my head into them, my breath increasing every moment.
"please go away" i said "please"
"open your eyes"
"no" i whispered under my breath
"open your eyes" the voice repeated
i just kept my head burried
I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I emidently jumped, my heart fell into my stomach, my face i'm sure went completely white and my pulse stopped
There infront of me stood a white figure. I could see no arms or legs, no face, no hair. Just a blur


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what's truth and what's lie?

to live two lives

it's not normal

to keep it a secret, to hide

it's not normal

to live two lives

the lies that are behind the truth

the truth that lies with the lies

what was built upon can be destroyed

no time for a last goodbye

for we wish it was that easy

to live just one life

but so much we want to keep secret

makes us wonder

whats truth and whats lie?